Personal Statement from Our Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Brent Boyett

Recent advances in the field of neuroscience have unlocked many of the mysteries of drug and alcohol abuse, chemical dependency, and addiction.  Animal model studies have taught us a great deal about the role that hereditary, stress, and pain play in substance use disorders.  Drug and alcohol use may start out as a motivation to pursue pleasure but as tolerance increases and dependency takes hold, it quickly becomes motivated by the avoidance of pain.

Stress, anxiety, depression and even anger are examples of emotional pain and these discomforts are as important to our behavior as physical pain.   Think about it, pain pills, anxiety medication, methamphetamine, marijuana and even alcohol, at the end of the day, it’s all pain medication.

Modern treatments for substance use disorders and chemical dependency are evidence-based and constantly advancing; leaving the history of dogma, shame, and stigma in the past.  Today, medical professionals use scientific understanding of the brain’s function to gain a balance of pain and pleasure and to help patients get better.  Patients who suffer from substance use disorders and chemical dependency, including opiates, alcohol, and other drugs, need to know that help is available.

If that is you, don’t blame yourself, but rather get the help that you need. Remember, “It is better to light a candle than to sit and curse the darkness.”

At Pathway Healthcare, we offer the latest scientific therapies for the treatment of substance use disorders, chemical dependencies, and addiction.  Our focus is on helping people on the path to life repair.

- Dr. Brent Boyett