Addiction Treatment Center Pathway Healthcare Announces Support for New Alabama Legislation Aimed to Help Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Addiction Treatment Center Pathway Healthcare Announces Support for New Alabama Legislation Aimed to Help Combat the Opioid Epidemic

The Bill Will Establish Guidelines for the Use of Buprenorphine in Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Birmingham, AL (June 11, 2019) – Pathway Healthcare, a leading provider of office-based medical and behavioral treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and dependency, is pleased to announce its support for a new Alabama bill that, if signed by Governor Kay Ivey, will establish guidelines for the use of buprenorphine in nonresidential treatment programs. Pathway Healthcare strongly advocated for the bill, which will direct the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners to create a 17-member standing working group tasked with developing rules for the appropriate prescribing of buprenorphine, a drug used to treat opioid dependence. The bill was drafted by Senators Larry Stutts, Jim McClendon, who is Chairmen of the Senate Health Committee, and Greg Reed, who is Senate Majority leader. It passed the Alabama Senate and House.


“We are thrilled to see this bill moving forward after advocating for it for some time now,” said Paul Trivette, Vice President of Government Affairs for Pathway Healthcare. “This is a critical step in the right direction for outpatient medication-assisted treatment, and we are extremely grateful to Senators Stutts, McClendon and Reed, who drafted the bill, and Representative Tracy Estes, whose efforts carried it in the House. We recognize the positive effects this legislation could have on the Alabama community, and are hopeful that we will see the bill and its impact come to full fruition.”


Pathway Healthcare specializes in treating substance use disorders through a proprietary care model, known as MAT Plus®, which combines medication-assisted treatment with behavioral counseling. In its efforts to support this bill, Pathway Healthcare shared its concerns with members of the Senate and House health committees, educating them on the use of buprenorphine. Additionally, the addiction treatment center worked to solidify support from the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, the Alabama Department of Mental Health, and the State Health Officer.


“We commend the efforts of numerous Alabama legislators and community members for working hard to advance this bill,” said Andrew Turner, COO of Pathway Healthcare. “Its implementation will put Alabama ahead of the game when it comes to evidence-based addiction treatment, joining few other states including Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio in creating guidelines surrounding buprenorphine treatment. This has become increasingly important due to the recent rise of ‘buprenorphine pill mills’ across the country – a result of deregulation surrounding addiction treatment. We are confident that this new legislation will help curb the problematic surge of pill mills, and also help provide more seamless access to effective treatment.”


Pathway Healthcare has five office locations across Alabama, in Birmingham, Daphne, Hamilton, Huntsville, and Mobile, with plans to expand into Athens over the summer. The addiction treatment center also recently announced that it accepts Alabama Medicaid.


“In Alabama, a majority of addiction treatment centers are cash-only operations, so we are proud to accept all forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid,” continued Trivette. “Our ultimate objective is to increase access to effective treatment for all, and I am eager to continue to work with the Pathway team to take steps to accomplish this goal.”


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