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Andrew Turner

President/Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Turner began his work in the medical field with Physicians Choice Laboratory Services (PCLS) where he managed the drug compliance portion of Dr. Boyett’s practice in Hamilton, AL. During this time, Andrew was introduced to Dr. Boyett’s addiction treatment program and worked closely with him in its development.

As the drug compliance specialist for PCLS he managed the highest revenue generating territory in the nation. He next accepted a position with Bio Delivery Sciences International (BDSI) to market their product, Bunavail, to addiction specialists in the state of Alabama. Additionally, he opened and managed a private sales group that contracted with several specialty and reference laboratories. During his time at BDSI, Andrew brought his territory from dead last to the 9th position in the nation. This experience not only taught him the most efficient ways to generate revenue it also exposed him to the best practices of any physician office. It allowed him to become expertly proficient in how to treat patients medically and as customers.

At the formation of Pathway, Andrew was recruited to open new markets, recruit physicians, and manage the operations of existing clinics. Using his established professional network, Andrew has successfully recruited physicians in every market Pathway has entered. Andrew has delivered over a dozen successfully negotiated contract physicians across six states. He continues to make considerable contacts in new markets and find profitable resources. Drawing from his considerable hours spent in physician offices, Andrew has also made valuable contributions to the policies and procedures of Pathway Healthcare. His contributions have allowed the standardization of company-wide policies to grow and mature. He has been a visionary in our business partnerships for training, EMR systems, billing and coding, physician referrals, and banking to name a few. These partnerships have provided Pathway scalable growth. He continues to negotiate with vendors and delivery systems in order to manage our growth and strategically retain the best resources of Pathway in our first-class clinics across the nation.