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The Rise of Fentanyl–Laced Cocaine

Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine

The Rise of Fentanyl – Laced Cocaine

While the opioid epidemic is making headlines as the nation’s leading drug crisis. It is important that the #2 drug on the rise is cocaine. Specifically, fentanyl-laced cocaine.

Cocaine use is driven by several demands. One maybe occasional drug-users wanting to ‘have a good time’, others may be opioid addicted patients who approached the illegal drug market to sustain a ‘quick hit’.

According to the CDC, fentanyl is 50% stronger than heroin an in 10 states it was found in more than half of 2017’s overdose deaths.

The cause of fentanyl-laced cocaine deaths is still blurry. Some think the drug cartels are using it to drive addiction as fentanyl is highly addictive and will expand the demand, others think it’s mostly a contamination issue and not a purposeful one. But no matter the theory its crucial to for the public to know that if you have no tolerance for opioids and you put fentanyl in your system there is a very high chance you will die.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Assistant Director, T.J. Jordan, said, “To be blunt, what you might buy and use, thinking it’s a good time, could cost you your life.”

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