Pathway Healthcare is here to help! Our Hospital Bridge Services includes many resources that will help existing providers use our step by step approach to identify, treat, and refer patients with mental health and substance use disorders or dependency related to chronic pain.

Are you a provider looking for an outpatient referral option for patients suffering from substance use disorder? Pathway Healthcare understands you have a commitment to your patients to provide them with quality care. Our promise is to help meet that need by serving you and your patients with the highest standard of outpatient treatment available.


As an affiliate partner in Pathway Hospital Bridge Services we provide medical specialist with resources to assist them in identifying patients, diagnosing substance use disorder, determining addiction versus dependence, and other live trainings.


Pathway Hospital Bridge Services educates and helps implement important treatment options like outpatient buprenorphine therapy, induction, Data 2000, and the 3-Day Rule. Case Studies are also presented for treatment reference.


Protocols and tools for treating and referring patients to outpatient therapy will be outlined and provided to all Pathway Hospital Bridge Services’ affiliates.


If you are a medical provider and would like to learn more about Pathway Hospital Bridge Services please contact Paul Trivette by email at