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Methamphetamines Are Linked To Heart Failure


Methamphetamines Are Linked To Heart Failure

Did you know that methamphetamine is driving heart failure in its users?

In the study linked here, you will find alarming statistics about how the chronic use of meth causes the heart’s muscle to thicken and grow, thus decreasing its agility to move blood throughout the body.

But if meth users enter a treatment plan for their addiction alongside heart-failure therapies they can save their lives through reversing some of the damage. A treatment plan that offers the integrative services of psychiatric, medication-assisted treatment, social services, and heart therapies is the most effective.

This study furthers the need we at Pathway Healthcare work daily to meet. People must be informed about the effects of drugs use and the right kind of treatment to ensure lasting recovery. If you or someone love is fighting addiction find a treatment office and take the first step to recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health, addiction, dependence, substance abuse or chronic pain due to medication Pathway Healthcare teams are here to help! Contact us or view our locations.