Pathway Healthcare Announces Third Location

Pathway Healthcare opens its third drug and alcohol addiction and dependency clinic. Their rapid expansion is in order to provide treatment to as many sufferers as possible, in hopes of helping to repair their lives.


Pathway Healthcare, an operator of outpatient Opioid and Alcohol addiction and dependency clinics, is pleased to announce they have opened a third location in Jackson, Tennessee, with 11 more clinics expected to open nationwide by year-end. According to Steve Crump, a Tennessee District Attorney General, “Over one million Tennesseans are in some stage of either abuse or addiction to opioids. More Tennesseans will die for opioid overdoses than in homicides or car accidents this year.”

“This is a national trend,” said Scott Olson, Pathway Healthcare CEO. “We plan to roll out clinics across several states in the near future. Our clinics use a combination of medication assisted treatment with behavioral counseling. We call it MAT Plus and it has been proven effective in not only the treatment of opioid addiction and dependence but also for alcohol and other use disorders. We are pleased to be adding a new location to our existing clinics in Jackson, Mississippi and Madison, Alabama.”

Pathway Healthcare offers treatment in a professional and convenient outpatient setting that strives to take the stigma out of all drug and alcohol addiction and dependency. Pathway offers a highly effective and lasting treatment, using proven methods and medications.

Pathway places a major emphasis on building a culture of respect, encouragement, and celebration. Unfortunately, many suffering from addiction or dependency feel judged and unloved. Pathway Healthcare’s clinics offer a warm, welcoming, and professional atmosphere in state-of-the-art medical facilities. Clinics feature physicians and counselors trained to help patients repair their lives.

Pathway understands that the modern approach to addiction and dependency treatment includes treating both the physical and the physiological symptoms. Understanding changes in brain chemistry is paramount. Rather than simply trying to stop the craving and treating physical withdrawals every effort is made to optimize patient happiness and self-control by helping build a lifestyle that better supports optimal health and a full, successful recovery.

Pathway Healthcare is a team of specialists committed to helping patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and dependency. Pathway’s program combines medication assisted treatment and behavioral counseling in a professional and convenient outpatient setting. Pathway can be reached through their website, by telephone at 1.844.PATHWAY, or by email at