Group Therapy / Counseling

To treat addiction at the source, we believe you must focus on more than just treating the body. Pathway Healthcare takes a multidisciplinary approach to treatment with MAT Plus™.

It is vital to treat both the physical and psychological symptoms of addiction and dependence. The Stabilization Phase of our program allows every patient to complete a thorough counseling session. This gives the trained counselors and the patient a better understanding individual needs.

In addition to medication treatment, patients will participate in an ongoing behavioral counseling program. Counseling is offered through our out-patient services. To further provide the resources needed for a full recovery Pathway Healthcare, through our partner network, has access to a host of community- and faith-based addiction  and dependency recovery programs.

Pathway Healthcare doctors, counselors and staff work together to provide world class treatment for drug and alcohol addiction,  dependency, and other use disorders. A treatment program will be designed specifically for each patient.