You Are Not Alone - We Want To Help

Pathway Healthcare believes that addiction is a treatable disease and that drug dependence and other substance use disorders can be conquered.

Our mission is TO HELP PEOPLE by increasing access to care for the treatment of substance use disorders, treating them with respect in a welcoming environment and providing the very best, evidence-based medical and behavioral treatment designed for each individual patient.

We are proud to offer our custom treating standards MATPlus™.

MATPlus is a unique blend of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and behavioral counseling. Evidence shows us that giving patients a lasting recovery involves more than just medication to treat the physical symptoms, but also the tools to help support the patient emotionally as they live their lives outside of the doctor's office. Our holistic approach is successful as we develop an individualized treatment path for each patient. We know recovery is possible. This is why our teams of medical professionals provide a welcoming culture of judgment-free care and celebrate with each patient along their individual pathway of recovery.

We are here to help.