Eating Disorders – It’s Time to Seek Help

A little-talked about mental health issue is on the rise. Eating disorders affect more than nine percent of people worldwide which amounts to nearly 30 million Americans in their liftetimes. Eating disorders also contribute to nearly 10,000 deaths each year (data cited by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Eating Disorders).

The year 2020 into 2021 has seen an increase in the number of calls and hospitalizations due to eating disorders. Common eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. As pandemic restrictions increased, anxiety and fear rose. This also produced isolation and stress; triggers for eating disorders. Eating disorders affect both women and men.

Eating disorders can do physical harm to a person’s physical and mental health. Food is unavoidable, however, dealing with the root cause of eating disorders is possible so that the need to control one’s emotions through eating (or not eating) is avoidable. A whole body approach is necessary, including psychotherapy.

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