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Pathway Programs

Pathway Outpatient MAT Plus®

We have a high standard of quality care for our patients. Our MAT Plus® outpatient program incorporates both medication-assisted treatment and counseling services for both addiction and mental health disorders.

Pathway Psychiatric Care™

Pathway Psychiatric Care™ offers access to our team of psychiatrists for psychiatric evaluations and treatment plans. Our Pathway team of physicians and counselors administers these plans, including related medication management, as a coordinated team with your psychiatrist, offering you the best pathway for success. Psychiatric care can be stand-alone mental health care and it can also be added to counseling care and addiction care.

Pathway Enhanced Care™

Pathway Enhanced Care™ offers patients a more intensive level of outpatient, individually focused care for addiction and mental health disorders for patients who do not want to or cannot go to intensive inpatient treatment.   

Pathway for Mothers™

Pathway for Mothers™ is designed to help women who are pregnant and find themselves struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. Our psychiatrists and other psychiatric professionals want to help women during their pregnancy to overcome addiction for not only their health, but also the health of their baby. Additionally, we want to help mothers not just during their pregnancy but also after the baby is born. We offer continuum of care, including access to Pathway Coordinated Care™, our case management service.

Pathway Coordinated Care™

Our targeted case management, Pathway Coordinated Care™, bridges the gap for patients with the fewest resources and greatest needs. We help by coordinating high quality medical and behavioral care and granting access to community partners with social resources like food, housing, job skills training, and education. We assess, link, plan, and monitor a patient’s progress to autonomy and recovery. This improves the relationship between the physicians and counselors and the patient.

Pathway Hospital Bridge Services™

We have extensive experience in transitioning patients from inpatient care and emergency department care to our outpatient treatment programs. Our turn-key program, Pathway Bridge Services™, is designed to educate, train, and implement a transition program with hospital partners. We work with many hospital systems, including, Ascension, Baylor, Scott and White, and Huntsville Hospital System.

Pathway Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation for family members and friends seeking advice for loved ones struggling with addiction, substance use disorders and mental health disorders.