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Our specialists provide MAT Plus™, which is our medication assisted treatment and behavioral therapy.

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Deciding to get treatment for addiction, dependency or other substance use disorders. Our specialists are here to help you with the rest.

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Our staff at first class offices around the country will make you feel welcome from the very start.

Pathway Healthcare: Treatment Offices

Approximately 10 percent of the 21 million Americans who need care for an alcohol or drug use disorder receive any form of treatment. The time has come for the treatment of addiction, drug dependence and other substance use disorders to come out of the shadows and be fully integrated into the U.S. health care system and medical practice.

In the past, “successful recovery” from addiction, dependency or other substance use disorders was only defined as maintaining complete abstinence from all mood-altering substances, including prescribed medications. Our proprietary medication-assisted treatment plus is a modern recovery approach.  MAT Plus® physicians and counselors have a comprehensive knowledge of the physiological effects of addiction, dependency, substance use disorders and the changes in brain chemistry.

Pathway Healthcare believes that addiction is a treatable disease and that drug dependence and other substance use disorders can be conquered. Our mission is to remove the stigma of addiction, drug dependence, and other substance use disorders and bring these into mainstream medicine.  We use a combination of counseling and medication-assisted treatment ( our MAT Plus®) to support an ongoing, successful recovery as part of an individualized treatment plan. We are committed to providing expert care and services designed to successfully help patients while treating with kindness and respect.


Increase access to care

Increase access to care for addiction, dependency and other substance use disorders utilizing the medications and modalities supported by the current best evidence.

Provide treatment that is consistent with other chronic diseases

Provide treatment that is consistent with the successful philosophies developed in the treatment of other chronic diseases.

Remove stigma and shame

Remove the stigma of shame that has long been associated with the addiction and dependency. Accept every day of recovery as a victory.

Maintain culture of structure, encouragement, and celebration

Improve life function - Repair

Improve life function through optimizing patient happiness, self-control, and spirituality while creating beneficial relationships and a lifestyle that supports optimal health.

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