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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MATPLUS®)


Our proprietary approach to MAT is MATPlus®, our wrap-around services, and commitment to long-term treatment sets our MAT treatment apart from the rest. We offer peer support and individual, family, and group counseling opportunities. Our Pathway and Impact medical professionals are specialist in the addiction and mental health communities and are passionate about recovery and committed to their patient’s long-term maintenance of sobriety and behavioral health.

About Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a treatment approach that combines behavioral counseling with medication. Counseling is the main focus of MAT, and a prescription for medication is provided under the guidance of a medical doctor. What makes MAT the most effective treatment program is its provision of custom patient treatment plans developed based on each patient’s unique cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) and addiction has progressed substantially over the past 50 years. We have an excellent arsenal of therapies to combat this chronic disease and evidence shows us that to have productive, long-term positive outcomes treatments must combine medication with other services like medical, behavioral, individual, and group counseling.

Medication-Assisted Treatment provides freedom that allows patients to keep their job, family life, and social obligations. Essentially, a patient learns how to recover in their typical day to day setting. This is beneficial as many patients who leave their normal environments for treatment experience difficulty returning and trying to cope as they respond to the stimulants that remind them of their past behavior.

Medication Options

Medication options for MAT are Buprenorphine, Naloxone, and Suboxone. These medications have different ways of stabilizing patients and should be recommended by a doctor to decide which is the best option for each patient.

Cost of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment is a low-cost option compared to the high expense of illegal drug use, inpatient or residential treatment, or the considerable fees of relapse associated with programs without effective treatment plans.