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Smoking Cessation

About Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use often can create tobacco/nicotine dependence and develop smoking-related diseases. Smokers can quit smoking; tobacco/nicotine dependence is treatable. In fact, today, fewer people do smoke than those who do not.

Smoking Cessation Treatment

Our treatment approach for smoking cessation begins with understanding that evidence shows that like other substance use disorders, tobacco/nicotine dependence is best treated with a combination of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and behavioral counseling. Our holistic, MATPlus® approach to treatment allows for a successful path to recovery from tobacco/nicotine dependence.

Medication for Smoking Cessation

Medication options for smoking cessation are Wellbutrin and Chantix. Both drugs are FDA-approved, and under the care and guidance of Pathway or Impact Healthcare physician, the best medication for each individual can be identified.