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Medicaid Patient Limitation Disclaimer

Please be advised that the federal government limits the number of patients to whom a physician may provide medication-assisted treatment for substance abuse.  As a result, Pathway Healthcare, LLC (“Pathway”) finds it necessary to limit the number of patients at each of its treatment facilities (each a “Facility”) whose primary source of coverage for treatment is, or is anticipated to be, Medicaid (“Medicaid Patients”).  Pathway reserves the right to limit the number of Medicaid Patients treated at each Facility based on that Facility’s own internal, legally-compliant policy.  Certain Facilities have a policy of declining Medicaid as a form of payment.   Other Facilities will make a determination whether to accept a new Medicaid Patient based exclusively on carefully-maintained data regarding the number of Medicaid Patients already served at that particular Facility. The Facility at which any patient seeks treatment will provide a copy of its policy regarding Medicaid Patients upon request.

Pathway strictly adheres to all federal and state discrimination laws and does not discriminate against any current or prospective patients based on race, color, national origin, nationality, ancestry, religion, creed, handicap, disability, age, marital status, familial status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, medical condition, or other personal features.  Since state Medicaid laws vary and Pathway has Facilities in multiple states, please ask your local Facility if you would like to receive a copy of its policy regarding Medicaid Patients.  

Each Facility will provide the name of at least one alternative healthcare practitioner to any Medicaid Patient who seeks treatment at that Facility and is not accepted as a patient due to the Facility’s policy on Medicaid Patients. The Facility does not make any guarantees with respect to treatment results or outcomes of such alternative healthcare practitioner(s) or that any particular alternative healthcare practitioner will accept the prospective patient.