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Addiction, dependency and other substance use disorders vary in complexity from one individual to another. Traditional abstinence treatment is not always successful, and for many, a different approach is necessary.

Pathway Healthcare provides highly effective, lasting treatment for opioid and other drug addictions, dependencies¬†and other substance use disorders by utilizing scientifically proven methods and medications in a supportive, professional out-patient environment. Our warm and welcoming offices are conveniently located in professional medical facilities. Our specially trained physicians and counselors work closely with other Pathway employees. All are passionate about helping those who are in the process of recovery. At Pathway Healthcare, we encourage you and your family’s (if appropriate) participation in all facets of your care.

You are not alone.

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At Pathway Healthcare, we encourage your participation in all facets of your care. We have an obligation to follow all relevant federal and state laws. We maintain high standards within our programs and remain committed to your rights as a patient.

Personal Statement from Our Chief Medical Officer

Read a Statement From Our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brent Boyett

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