Stay sober this summer with these tips

Five Tips for Alcoholics to Stay Sober

The arrival of summer brings warmer temperatures, which makes it perfect for outdoor events, such as weddings, backyard barbeques, and staff retreats. It’s a time when people will serve beer, wine and liquor and other beverages to celebrate with their loved ones. While this may not seem to be an issue for some people, it […]

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The Teenage Brain – What to Know

Just like anyone who has raised children through adolescence, I have occasionally stood, scratching my head and looking at my kids after they’ve said or done something I found exasperating, and wondered, “What is wrong with that kid’s brain?”  If you have too, I have a possible answer for you. The good news is that nothing […]


Does the parental supply of alcohol to teenagers decrease alcohol-related harms?

A 6-year study led by Dr. Richard P. Mattick, Professor of Drug and Alcohol Studies in the National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, Sydney in Australia, looked at 1927 adolescents whose parents supplied them with alcohol to mitigate harm or foster some protection from alcohol-related problems. Those individuals […]