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FDA approves formulation of new medication and supports widespread access to care


In the wake of the nation’s opioid crisis, the FDA is working towards the development of new medications for the treatment of opioid use disorder and new alterations to existing medicine that can more accurately meet the needs of patients in recovery. The FDA is also increasing their role in supporting the usage of these medications for the treatment of opioid use disorder and are partnering with new health agencies.

Millions of Americans are suffering from opioid drug addiction. They are in need of immediate access to care that can help them effectively fight their dependency and give them the support they need to live a life of recovery. The FDA plays an important role in the midst of this crisis. The FDA’s approval of the medication used to treat opioid use disorder is crucial and also the FDA’s support of these medications should promote a wider usage giving more patients safe and effective care. The FDA also has a responsibility in limiting new addiction through impacting standards for which opioid prescriptions are written.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is supported by the FDA and is a scientifically proven as a highly-effective way of treating opioid use disorder. Drugs like buprenorphine, methadone and naltrexone have all been approved by the FDA as a means of safely treating opioid addiction. These medications limit or block the brain’s opioid receptors and thus play an important role in leading the patient into sobriety especially in combination with counseling or psychiatric support.

At Pathway Healthcare, we are committed to giving our patients the highest standard of care and we offer a combination of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and behavioral counseling as our custom standards known as MAT Plus™. The most effective of all treatment types for opioid addiction is the adoption of MAT coupled with psychological services. We look forward to the FDA’s new commitment to advance these treatment options.