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What to look for in an addiction recovery center

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Choosing The Right Recovery Center

Choosing the best rehabilitation center for you is a difficult but important first step towards getting the treatment you need. Treatment for addiction and dependency is a very personal experience. A treatment center that is successful for one person may not be the right fit for another person. Researching your choices in rehabilitation facilities and examining your own needs will take some time and effort, but the results of making an informed decision on where to receive treatment can make all the difference for a successful recovery.

 Scientific and evidence-based research is improving the rehabilitation models of today. They are diverse and continue to evolve and do not fit neatly into categories, yet it is mostly divided into 2 main types; Inpatient rehabilitation centers and Outpatient rehabilitation centers. Most inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers take the first step of detoxification through medically managed withdrawal, better known today as medicated-assisted treatment (MAT). The process of detoxification is difficult and there are potentially dangerous side effects associated with it. It is best for this process to be administered by a physician. Right alongside these undeniable physiological side effects that come with detoxification are the behavioral, social and physiological problems that are associated with addiction and must be addressed to produce lasting results for recovery. Inpatient treatment centers often focus heavily on the behavioral component of recovery. They often have structured environments and due to their easy access to the patient it allows for this area of recovery to be thorough and educational in terms of self- help. Unfortunately, many people with careers or parents of young children cannot make sense of an inpatient treatment center and therefore an outpatient setting is a better option. Outpatient treatment centers can offer the same medically assisted treatment needed for a safe detoxification process and may also offer a behavior component as well and it is important to look for one that offers both.

Credentials and Specializations

When you’re recovering from opioid addiction, you want help from experts that can give you the best possible care. You want professional support through your recovery. Researching the credentials of a facility and its staff is essential to choosing a reputable rehabilitation facility. Make sure the facility you choose is state-licensed and highly rated.

While many facilities will have a variety of programs to assist with different dependency disorders, there are facilities that will have certain substance abuse treatment programs that may suit your specific needs better.

You should also examine the facility’s philosophies and mission statement to learn about their approach to rehabilitation, their beliefs and their goals as a medical facility. You will find that the philosophies behind every drug rehabilitation facility are different. There are facilities that focus on medicine, facilities that focus on religion, facilities that focus on community building and more. Understanding these differences and how they align with your personal plans for rehabilitation will take careful consideration.

Examining Your Goals and Needs

Every patient recovering from opioid addiction or dependency has different rehabilitation and therapy needs. There is no ‘perfect fit’ program that will help every patient. Some patients prefer a 12-step program. Some patients need long-term inpatient care to safely cope with health issues and the effects of detox. Some patients need a focus on group support. Some patients need their therapy to be private.

Remember: It is always okay to ask questions when speaking with a facility’s staff.

Location and Price

The cost will be a big deciding factor in choosing your rehabilitation facility. Not all facilities and programs are covered by insurance. You will have to look into the details of your insurance plan to see what qualifiers they have in place for people in need of substance abuse treatment. You will have to pay out of pocket if your insurance doesn’t cover treatment or you don’t have insurance.

The location will also be essential. Some people benefit from being at a facility close to their personal support system. Other patients thrive in an environment far removed from potential enablers and the temptations that exist in their day to day lives. This is a personal decision, relying on weighing the benefits and setbacks of your facility options.

Pathway Healthcare is an addiction recovery office that focuses on combining out-patient medicated addiction treatment with therapy to create a comprehensive treatment plan. By providing care in a welcoming, no-judgement environment, we hope to reduce harm and help individuals struggling with substance dependency to live happier healthier lives. To find out more about Pathway Healthcare’s treatment programs and how they could work for you, contact us today and talk to one of our staff members for more information.