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Opioid Drug Users Tell Of Rarely Discussed Injury: Sexual Assault

Opioid addiction causing depression

There is an even darker truth to the dependency and addiction of opioids and it’s slowly coming to light. The very real, and very disturbing and often violent, sexual assault of opioid users. In the beginning, “a lot of the focus [was] on telling people how to be safer when they are using or not impairing their judgment, but what we found was that there were people who were actively seeking out drug users, and more focus needs to be on them,” says study author Lauren Jessell.

These victims are sought out because of their often semiconscious or fully unconscious state and their time spent away from the public while using. The rise in violent sexual assaults will continue unless help for these individuals is available. At Pathway Healthcare, we want to help. We specialize in treating opioid, alcohol and other drug addiction and dependency. No judgment. Only help. Help to get you or your loved one back on track.

While there is an assumption that sexual assaults while using have been happening for years, “Researchers are [just now] beginning to document the problem. One study, published two years ago, asked 164 young adults in New York who were addicted to opioids about rates of sexual violence. Forty-one percent of women and 11 percent of men said they had been forced to have sex while using drugs.”

These are astounding numbers and the reality is, it’s only the beginning and unfortunately increases the rate of unexpected pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and even physical injuries in the user’s community. Pathway Healthcare is committed to helping these victims. To us at Pathway it’s more than a treatment program, we care and we understand that this battle can be the hardest fight of your life. Pathway’s focus is on the individual and under the direction and supervision of our medical experts, we provide a medication and counseling based treatment program tailored to the needs of the individual.

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If you or a loved one are experiencing dependency or addiction symptoms with opioids, alcohol and/or other drugs, we’re here to help. We’d like you to start with reading a message from our CEO and also take a look at what to expect at Pathway and how the process to lead your best life can begin.