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What Is the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

Cost of Addiction Treatment

Problematic use of alcohol or other drugs results in adverse health consequences and serious social concerns. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of persons with substance use disorders seek treatment. Addiction treatment costs depend on several factors, and it is critical to know the type and severity of addiction illness in order to access suitable treatment services.

Substance use in the US remains widespread, costing the nation over $600 billion every year. For this reason, the government has provided financial and technical support to community and social organizations to provide addiction treatment. For the addicted person, seeking treatment provides a pathway to long term recovery and wellness; at the societal level, a comprehensive and robust treatment system can reduce the devastating impact addiction has on society. Even so, many persons caught in the throes of addiction avoid seeking treatment, due in part to the stigma, the shame, and the myths they may hear or read in the media. This article offers a clear understanding of the cost of addiction treatment.

Types of Addiction Treatment and Costs

Many factors affect the cost of addiction treatment. The type of health care offered by addiction treatment centers affects the cost. The type of facility, the amenities offered, and the specific treatment modalities provided will factor into the total price.

“Detox” – “Detoxification,” which is currently more formally referred to as “withdrawal management,” is generally only necessary for certain people with addictions to certain drugs, like alcohol, benzodiazepines, and in some cases, opioids. In outpatient treatment centers, patients may spend about $1,500 for withdrawal management services. Most inpatient centers include withdrawal management in the treatment plan, and therefore, in the quoted price for services. The estimates depend on the substance in question and the complications that may be encountered during the withdrawal management.

Inpatient/Residential – Patients who require treatment in inpatient treatment facilities may pay as little as $6,000 for a month-long treatment program. More luxurious, or more comprehensive inpatient treatment centers may provide addiction care services ranging from $20,000 – $80,000 for a 30-day treatment program. Other patients may require 60- or 90-day programs, which may cost from $12,000 at the lower end to over $150,000 at the most luxurious end of the spectrum.

Outpatient – Outpatient services are the final common pathway for the treatment of patients with addiction disorders, given that addiction illness is a chronic, potentially recurrent illness that can be treated and controlled but not usually “cured,” and therefore requires ongoing chronic care management for most people. After patients receive withdrawal management services and inpatient treatment (if those modalities are necessary), then outpatient treatment is necessary. For around $1,500 a patient may be treated within a 90-day plan, at least for a start. In general, outpatient treatment cost depends on the frequency of visits and the treatment period.

Why Consider Outpatient Rehab Options?

An advantage of seeking outpatient addiction care is that patients have the chance to get treatment and still carry on with their daily activities. Many outpatient facilities hold occasional meetings to provide support to recovering patients.  Additionally, most treatment centers providing outpatient addiction treatment have twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), which brings together recovering people in a setting where they share their experiences and support each other’s efforts to maintain a sober life.

Does My Insurance Affect Addiction Treatment Cost?

As of 2020, medical insurance also covers addiction treatment costs, since addiction has finally been recognized as a medical illness. Nonetheless, several variables come into play. It is essential to take time and understand the terms of insurance policies in order to know whether and how much it covers treatment for addiction disorders.

Unfortunately, most insurance carriers, even to this day, cover only a fraction of addiction treatment expenses. To understand the coverage that is available, people need to contact their insurance company and ask questions. An insurance agent should be able to quote the extent of addiction treatment coverage, including the duration of coverage, and the amount of any co-pay (the cost you’ll have to pay).

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