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Pathway Healthcare takes a multi-disciplined approach to addiction treatment, dependency and other substance use disorders with our MAT Plus™ treatment program. Pathway believes treatment must focus on more than just the body. It is vital to treat both the physical and the psychological symptoms of addiction and dependency. Your Patient Care Coordinator will carefully and compassionately walk you through the entire process.

Don’t delay your recovery. Call today and let Pathway Healthcare assist you in taking that first step.

Getting Started

Before your first visit with the doctor and starting on the MAT Plus™ treatment program, patient information forms must be completed and submitted. These forms are available any time at the office prior to the visit, or you may arrive 30 minutes early to allow adequate time to fill them out.

We accept payments by cash, debit or credit cards. We cannot accept checks at any time. We do gladly accept insurance and will assist in verifying that your policy covers our services. Please ask when making your initial appointment if we accept your insurance carrier.

Insurance plans vary from policy to policy but we will make every effort to verify your insurance coverage as it relates to addiction or dependency. If detailed information is not available directly from your insurance company, you must be prepared to fund your treatment cost, while we continue to work on filing for your treatment and verifying your coverage. You will be responsible for any part of the bill which is not covered by the insurance payment.

Don’t delay your recovery. Call today and take the first step on your pathway to recovery. Let the specialist at Pathway Healthcare assist you in taking that first step.

For Medicaid Patients

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