Recovery During the Holiday Season

Healthy Recovery During the Holiday Season

For many of us, the holidays are a time in which we surround ourselves with families and friends and enjoy the respite from day-to-day stress related to school or work. For many others, the holidays amplify mental health and emotional issues and as a result, turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to squelch […]

Prevent Burnout

10 Ways to Prevent Burnout and Improve Health

The daily, grinding stress so often experienced by people in the helping professions is what causes the psychological injury we know as burnout. Burnout is a state of depletion—mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion—that leaves us feeling drained and overwhelmed, unable to meet the constant demands that created the problem in the first place. Like any […]

7 Signs Your Loved One is Addicted to Opioids

Do you think a loved one might be addicted to opioids? Have you experienced behaviors of a loved one that doesn’t add up, or doesn’t seem like “them”? Knowing the signs can help you identify whether a loved one might be using drugs or addicted to a substance.   Opioids are a class of drugs […]

What is MATPlus®  

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) treatment approach combines behavioral counseling with medication for higher levels of success. Counseling is the main focus of MAT, with a prescription for medication provided under the guidance of a medical doctor.  The combination gives our doctors the ability to customize patient treatment plans based on each patient’s unique cravings and […]

Depression and sadnes

Depression and Sadness and Your Recovery

Do you feel extreme sadness despite great accomplishments or disappointments in your life?Depression is a serious mental illness that goes untreated. It’s hard to know how to deal with depression and sadness, alone.   Have you ever heard someone say, “If you would get out of the house then you wouldn’t be depressed anymore?” This […]

What Makes Cocaine and Methamphetamine so Dangerous?

Cocaine and methamphetamine will cause an individual to seem extremely alert and have increased energy along with increased heart rate and blood pressure. I remember the first person I encountered as a doctor in the Med ER who was on cocaine. It was the mid-1990s in Memphis, and people came to the ER every night […]

The Most Important Thing for You to Do for Your Sobriety During Tough Times

Keeping Your Sobriety When Life is Tough One of the biggest challenges people face is when things in life get hard. Things like COVID-19, or when family crises arise, when financial hiccups happen, when career and job life is stressful, it can be difficult for people dealing with addiction for several reasons. Stress is a […]

War on Drugs

A Brief Lesson in the War on Drugs

Since the war on drugs began almost 50 years ago, we have learned much about the science of addiction. Today, we know that when an adolescent is exposed to substances that produce pleasure chemically, the individual’s brain undergoes permanent changes regarding their balance of pleasure and pain. The typical response to substances that cause the […]

How to choose a rehab facility

Principle of 5: 5 Things to Do in Recovery Every Day

How to Plan a Successful Recovery  When it comes to working with a certified addiction counselor on your recovery, you’ll quickly learn that it’s more than just avoiding alcohol or drugs; it’s about replacing alcohol and drugs with positive things that give your life meaning and help you stay happy and healthy. One of the […]